Traveling with a Baby: Our Family Adventure in Victor Harbor

Traveling with a Baby: Our Family Adventure in Victor Harbor

As a mum of a nearly 1-year-old, finding the perfect weekend getaway can be challenging. But our trip to Victor Harbor when my son Arthur was only 7 months old was the perfect opportunity to make some unforgettable family memories together, even though the weather wasn't on our side.

We left Adelaide on a chilly Saturday morning, bundled up and ready for the 2-hour car ride. To keep Arthur entertained and happy during the drive, we packed plenty of snacks, books, and toys suitable for his age group. We also made sure to stop every hour for a quick stretch and bathroom break. One of Arthur's favorite activities in the car was playing with his teethers, which was a big help since he was teething at the time (not fun).

When we arrived in Victor Harbor, we were greeted by cold and windy weather. Despite the less-than-ideal conditions, we still managed to have a great time exploring the town. Arthur loved watching the horse at the jetty and the seagulls by the beach. The beach was actually a great option for Arthur, since he loved to see the waves crashing against the rocks. We also visited the Victor Harbor Farmers Market, which had plenty of fresh produce and local treats for us to try. Arthur was starting to eat solids, so he loved all the fruits available there.

Here are some tips and hacks that helped keep Arthur happy during our trip:

Bring a baby carrier

Bringing a baby carrier is a great way to keep your child close and secure while you explore the town. We had a backpack one, which worked great for us. But a regular carrier can also do the trick by freeing up your hands to take pictures, hold snacks, or do other tasks while on the go. This is especially useful for younger babies, like Arthur, who still need to be carried.

Pack portable toys

As the founder  of Travel Tots, I cannot stress enough the need of bringing along portable toys that are suitable for your child's age group. For a nearly 1-year-old like Arthur, soft toys, like Riff Raff, teething rings and spinners and board books are great options that can easily fit into a diaper bag.


Schedule in nap time

Younger babies need more sleep than older children, so it's important to schedule in some nap time during the day. We made sure to plan our longer walks during Arthur's nap time.  That way he could comfortably sleep in the pusher while we continue to explore the town. Win win!

Choose kid-friendly activities

When planning your trip, look for activities that are suitable for younger children. Victor Harbor has plenty of options, such as visiting the wildlife park, taking a ride on the steam train, or going on a boat tour. We also found a playground near the beach where Arthur could crawl around and play with other children.

Find baby-friendly restaurants

Finding restaurants that cater to families with young children can make meal times much easier and more enjoyable. We also knew that Arthur gets mesmerised by music, so finding out restaurants with live music were a great option for us.

Overall, despite the chilly weather, our trip to Victor Harbor was a great success. With a little preparation and some fun activities and attractions suitable for a nearly 1-year-old, we were able to make some lasting memories together as a family. And don't forget to check out Travel Tots for all your travel accessory needs for young children!

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