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Portable Bed on Wheels | Baby Sleep and Ride Suitcase

Portable Bed on Wheels | Baby Sleep and Ride Suitcase

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If every planning trip you get worried about your baby's sleeping arrangements and have no idea how that long flight will go, we have the perfect solution for you. The Baby Sleep and Ride Suitcase is a multi-functional luggage that not only stores your baby's essentials but also doubles as a comfortable bed for your little one on the go.

With its new and innovative design made of durable PP material, this suitcase can withstand even the roughest of travels. The wheels make it easy to navigate through airports, train stations, and hotels, and your kids will absolutely love to ride it while they wait at the airport, or train station.

You can easily convert the suitcase into a cozy bed for your baby, completing it with a soft and comfortable mattress. This way, your little one can sleep soundly, no matter where your travels take you. It's perfect for those long flights or train rides where you need a safe and comfortable place for your baby to rest.

How to use it?

Step 1: Once the plane take off, place the Sleep and Ride suitcase in front of you seat. 
Step 2: Push the side buttons and lift to remove the lid. Flip the lid and place it back on your portable bed on wheels.
Step 3: Slide out the extension plate.
Step 4: Place the mattress on the seat and the extension plate.
Step 5: Relax and enjoy the trip!

What are you waiting for? Get your Portable Bedon Wheels and happy travels!


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