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Multi layer Thermal Lunch Boxes

Multi layer Thermal Lunch Boxes

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Multi Layer Thermal Lunchboxes

A thermal lunchbox can be a lifesaver on long plane trips with hungry tots. With the ability to keep food warm for hours, you can pack all the essentials your little one needs to stay fed and happy during flights or road trips. No more worrying about finding baby-friendly food options or dealing with cranky, hungry babies on the plane! Our thermal lunchboxes are perfect for storing milk, formula, baby food, fruits and all sort of snacks you can possibly think of. The multiple layers make it easy to keep everything organized and the convenience of having everything in one place means less time spent digging through a diaper bag and more time enjoying your trip. Don't let hunger clouds your family's travel plans – invest in a thermal lunchbox from Travel Tots and make your next trip fun fun fun.



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