Museum of the Republic: a must see when in Rio!

Museum of the Republic: a must see when in Rio!

We spent the last few days exploring Rio and its amazing beaches. But there was one place that really caught our attention: the Museum of the Republic! I have to say, we were all completely fascinated by this place. The gardens were definitely Mr. A's favorite part - he was running around, chasing the ducks, and exploring every nook and cranny of the playground. He even got to fly a wooden helicopter! But the real winner was the deactivated water fountain, which he turned into the perfect little car track.

After we had our fill of the outdoors, we headed inside to explore the museum and its incredible collection of artworks. I was blown away by the depth and richness of Brazilian Republican history that was on display. But what I loved even more was how entertaining and engaging the exhibits were, even for someone who doesn't consider themselves a history buff.

But the surprises didn't end there! We stumbled upon a hidden gem right in front of the museum - Berbigão. Locals know it as the best seafood restaurant in the area, and it didn't disappoint. We tried some bobó de camarão, a creamy prawn stew, and some pasteis, which are these incredible deep-fried dumplings. All I can say is that the food in Rio is spectacular.

All in all, our day in Catete was one to remember. If you're heading to Rio and are looking for a fun and educational day out with the little ones, I highly recommend checking out the Museum of the Republic. And if you're feeling hungry afterwards, be sure to stop by Berbigão for some delicious seafood!

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