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Travel Tots Snack Spinner

Travel Tots Snack Spinner

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Keep little tummies happy on-the-go with the Travel Tots' On-The-Go Snack Spinner! This mess-free, portion-controlled container is a lifesaver for busy parents.

Say goodbye to messy snack bags! The Travel Tots' Snack Spinner features multiple leakproof compartments, making it perfect for road trips, airplane rides, or any adventure. Pack a variety of healthy and delicious snacks – from fruits and veggies to yogurt and crackers – and let your kids choose their treats independently.

This easy-to clean container keeps snacks fresh and prevents spills. Plus, its compact size (diameter 18cm, height 4.5cm) fits perfectly in backpacks and diaper bags.

Ready to make travel snack time a fun and stress-free experience?  Order your Travel Tots' On-The-Go Snack Spinner today!

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